I am Lina Lopez, an interior designer and the founder of Barrier Island Interior Design. I specialize in crafting living spaces that embody the essence of confidence and independence. A home, to me, is more than just a physical spaceā€”it is a reflection of one’s authenticity and a sanctuary where individuals can embrace their true selves. Through thoughtful design, I aim to make life more enjoyable and beautiful.


In the world of design, my journey began at the age of 13 when I discovered my passion for rearranging furniture in my mother’s home. Little did I know that this early fascination would evolve into a lifelong commitment to creating harmonious and well-designed living spaces.


My academic pursuit led me to study design in college. Balancing a full-time job and coursework, I navigated the challenges with determination and perseverance. Graduating in 2007 from The Academy Superior of Art in Medellin, Colombia, marked the culmination of my formal education, setting the stage for a career that would unfold with creativity at its core.


Post-graduation, my professional journey commenced at a home furnishing store reminiscent of Restoration Hardware. This retail experience not only shaped my design philosophy but also honed my customer service skills. I quickly distinguished myself as one of the top designers, focusing not just on selling furniture but curating unique experiences.


Transitioning to a role in a home construction store, akin to Home Depot, proved instrumental in broadening my skill set and deepening my understanding of construction. Though less glamorous, this experience played a crucial role in transforming me into a versatile designer.


In 2009, I ventured to the United States, embracing a new chapter with a focus on creating a happy and healthy barrier island home for my family. My dedication to design remains unwavering, and I continue to empower individuals through spaces that exude confidence, independence, and authenticity.