I am Lina Lopez, interior designer, and founder of Barrier Island Interior Design. I design living spaces to make life easier. Our home is an extension of our soul—our safe place, a place where we can be authentic. Our environments are an extension of our lives, and a well-designed, mindfully appointed home allows us to enjoy an abundant and beautiful life.


When our projects are completed, our client’s spaces connect the family’s practical, emotional and aesthetic needs to create the most harmonious dwelling space possible.


When I was 13 years old, one of my favorite things to do was rearrange the furniture in my mom’s home. Once a month I would redesign the Victorian furniture in her living room, not knowing that later on in life that the affinity would become my passion.


I studied design in college. Working full-time as well as a full-time student, with my soon-to-be husband at my side. His mathematical mind complemented my creativity (and my fear of drafting/drawing), and with perseverance and hard work I graduated in 2007 with a degree from The Academy Superior of Art in Medellin, Colombia. 



Fresh out of school I was hired as a designer at a home furnishing store, similar to Restoration Hardware. That retail experience tailored my design philosophy and customer service skills. After a few shy and intimidating months, I became one of the best designers of the store. I was selling more than all my coworkers, because I was selling not only furniture, but experience.


Next, I moved on to a position in a home construction store, similar to Home Depot. Although the job was not as glamorous, I credit that role as being pivotal to developing my multidimensional skill set and construction knowledge—and becoming a well-rounded designer.


My husband and I moved to the US in 2009 as he pursued his Doctorate in transportation engineering. We share a beautiful son, for whom I love to create a happy and healthy barrier island home.