Designing a space can be a challenging process. Finding a balance between a functional and aesthetic design is not an easy task. Our experienced team will listen to you and provide a personalized and enjoyable experience.
We will ensure all details are covered. You will have a space that you love, a space that reflects your vision, your aesthetics, and, most importantly, a place that you enjoy and are proud to share.
How it works

Our Process

Barrier Island Home
First Consultation


The process begins with an informal conversation. This is an opportunity to get to know you, your family, your home and to set design goals.
Barrier Island Proposal


After the first consultation, you will receive a formal letter that explains the design process and investment.
Barrier Island Home
Design Development


After the proposal is approved, we begin working on your project in earnest. This process is bespoke to each client and includes but is not limited to space planning, layouts, 3Ds, mood boards, furniture selection, and build-outs.
Barrier Island Home


The moment to achieve the design goals outlined in the project. This is the time when the space you have been dreaming of becomes real. The principal designer is on-site and active with all projects.

Are you ready to transform your home?